• On Time Aviation Services.
    Dubai Airport Free Zone
    Building 2E, Office #104B - U.A.E
  • [email protected]
  • +971 4 3395 774
  • +971 4 3395 884


Frequently asked questions

Even if the company is based in the UAE ( Dubai ), our services are offered to be deployed worldwide. However, we certainly operate best and mostly in the middle east and in africa ( MENA ). We hope that answers the question.

Yes and no. All the aviation services that we offer, we offer them mainly as a facilitator. We coordinate with the companies that offer the specific services and we make sure that our customers have their demands met. However, if we need to intervene to solve issues we use our network and own agents to act on ground directly.

If you work for a company that can felp us provide our services for a competitive cost in an efficient way, we wuold be happy to add you to our list of partners. We are for the moment totally open to any interesting and strategic partnership.

We have established the company and launched the services this year. We are actually hiring to constitute an appropriate team ( staff ) to help us run the company. If you think you have some of the skills we need and that you can bring something additional to On Time Services we would be happy to interview you as an individual. 

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